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Welcome to the website! Here online you can choose delicious apples of different varieties for every taste. Where to take apples wholesale. Thanks to the system of discounts and fulfillment of certain conditions of sale you have an excellent opportunity to buy the goods at a low price, having received a good discount. Compote of green apples. In this article you will learn about the benefits of apples and get acquainted with some varieties.

Than useful apples?

Apples can be attributed to a truly beneficial fruit. After all, they grow almost everywhere and do not go from the shelves of markets and shops all year round. This fruit is great for making juices, purees, jam, compote. Apples can be baked, to dry. Green apples. And, of course, for a long time they are taken to wet. And such a diverse use is not accidental. People have long noticed that apples, is a storehouse of vitamins in fresh and in canned form. What is their benefit? First,apples contain vitamins B1, B2, P, E, C and, unlike citrus fruits, are not an allergenic product. It is a natural source of iron, potassium and calcium, which have a beneficial effect on blood composition, heart function and bone strength. Secondly, apples can be called a fruit of beauty, because they contained pectin improves the complexion and helps keep skin young and attractive. Green apples. Not a gift in the people there is an expression "rejuvenating apples". Third, this fruit normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract. The fiber contained in apples improves digestion. Fourth, the apples help to keep teeth and gums healthy. Buy apples. In addition to the calcium contained in them, which strengthens the tooth enamel, when eating apples, a plaque is removed from the teeth, and the gums get an excellent workout. Fifth, these fruits are a good help for those who want to lose weight. After all, apples for a long time retain a sense of satiety, while containing a minimum of calories. They fit perfectly for snacking and cooking fat-burning cocktails.

Popular varieties of apples

All the apples can be divided into three main categories: summer, autumn and winter. Accordingly, each of them is suitable for a particular time of year and has a different degree of storage. According to the taste characteristics are acidic, sweet and sour varieties. Summer apples ripen from mid-July to the end of August. For those who like red fruits fit the sort of "Melba". Buy apples. Fans of green apples can you advise "Papirovka". Choosing a two-tone types note on "Perry Moscow". All these varieties have a rich sweet and sour taste, excellent aroma and juicy pulp. Autumn apples begin to ripen in September. Certainly among the variety of you can select the "Antonovka". Apples from light green to yellow in colour, juicy with a grainy flesh, sweet-sour taste with a predominance of acidity. This variety is grown in gardens for many years known everywhere. For those who prefer a sweet fruit suitable "Mac". Not a big red-yellow apples ripen in mid-September and can be stored until March. By the end of September and early October, it is time to harvest winter varieties that can lie almost to the next crop. These are such types of apples as" Golden", which have a light green and yellow color and a fairly dense peel. "Medunitsa winter" is suitable for those who prefer a rich dessert taste. Compote of green apples. Its fruits are yellow-green with a slight blush on the Sunny side. Variety "Richard" with bright red large fruits, will delight lovers of sweet apples with a subtle flavor of acidity. The harvest of "Sinap" also satisfies your sweet tooth and will delight their taste and benefit until may. It is because of the long storage many gardeners choose this variety for planting on your site.

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How to buy apples?

In order to buy apples of the variety you are interested, fill in the online application form. Please select the name of the variety and specify the quantity. Green apples. Carefully fill in the feedback column. The website will automatically calculate the cost of your order taking into account the discount on the promotion. You will be called by a polite consultant to confirm the order.

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